STEP 1 - Current Performance

There are 8 KPI's to choose from. These KPI's can be applied to a specific product family, or to the whole business. If you feel the KPI is relevant, simply enter the data representing the current situation in each box as indicated. If the KPI shown is not relevant, skip and move to the next one.

STEP 2 - Target Improvement and Future Performance

Establish a % performance improvement target. See the impact this has, the projected Future State figures are automatically calculated.

STEP 3 - Value Adding Result

The annualised value created is automatically calculated. This value could free up capacity for more business, be a one off cash / efficiency saving, or a value adding improvement that can be realised every year.

STEP 4 - Report and Action Plan

Develop a short list of key projects and actions that can deliver the targets you have set and then download your PDF report showing the projected KPI results and action plan.

Organisation Details

Please provide the following details about the organisation being benchmarked: