Lean Benchmark

LeanBenchmark™ is an online business improvement tool developed by KPS Ltd.

At KPS we work closely with organisations helping them increase performance by tapping into the (often hidden) capabilities of their people and teams. We have a number of long standing clients in both the manufacturing industry and service based sectors.

With our team of highly experienced specialists, we provide a broad range of Management Support and Operational Training to small and medium sized businesses. We also Project Manage and deliver comprehensive Lean Transformation programmes for larger organisations including a number of NHS hospital trusts.

In addition, we have developed a successful Best Practice Network across the South East with the Government sponsored Manufacturing Advisory Service, this has delivered over £10m of value added to Business Members in three years.

Why not see how KPS can work with your team to increase Productivity, Profits and overall Business performance.

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Organisations we work with:

How can Lean Benchmarking help you?

The performance 'gap analysis' produced through benchmarking is personalised to your organisation. This ensures valuable staff time and scarce resources can be directed and targeted more effectively, delivering real benefits to the bottom line.

Key Benefits:

  • Identifies competitive threats
  • Highlights improvement priorities
  • Ensures effective targeting of resources
  • Improves productivity
  • Increases profitability

What is Lean Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the process used to compare an organisations processes and Lean competencies with others in a similar industry or business sector.

Essentially, LeanBenchmark™ takes a 'snap shot' of your Current Performance, compares results with others and through the resulting gap analysis clearly highlights the future Potential Performance and the most appropriate focus for improvement.

British Quality Foundation Member

As a member of the British Quality Foundation established in 1993, KPS uphold the principles of the Foundation whose mission is to be a leader in helping organisations of all kinds to improve their performance and achieve sustainable excellence.

The British Quality Foundation (BQF) is Europe's largest corporate membership organisation promoting performance improvement and excellence.

The Foundation promotes business excellence through numerous activities, but at the core of all the programmes is the Excellence Model. Thousands of organisations in the UK now use this Model to plan their improvements and monitor progress through regular self assessment.

Sponsor and Key Members of the Foundation help sponsor the UK Excellence Award, an annual award which, over the past ten years, has established itself as the UK's premier business prize.

Why can you trust the LeanBenchmarkTM database?

Maintaining the quality and integrity of the LeanBenchmark™ database is fundamentally important to both us and our customers. LeanBenchmark™ users can be confident that the comparative data can be relied upon as the data base is maintained and managed by highly experienced Lean specialists at KPS. The data is regularly checked ensuring the information provided is reasonable and is for a credible organisation.

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