Customer Comments

“There were a number of benefits to our organisation; this gave us independent feedback on the status of our lean implementation, it also allowed us to compare and highlight strengths and weaknesses with others in the lean community and analyse our current status. The gap analysis offered useful suggestions for improvement projects. The assessment also focused on cultural and organisational transformation rather than just the individual uses of lean tools.”

Philipp Schuell (Lean Specialist) Trumpf GmBH, SPI Lasers Ltd.

“If you are interested in making improvements within your business then I would seriously recommend that you consider using this tool as a part of your continuous improvement tool kit. It really helped to put my company’s Lean competencies into perspective so that we could look into the future with clear goals ahead of us. Overall I am very happy with the online Lean Benchmarking tool and with the after service provided. The questions are clear and understandable. The report generated after the questionnaire is submitted is very in-depth. All of the information and help provided is clear, down-to-earth and informative.”

Keiven Smith (Project Engineer) Cobham Microwave Ltd.

“The benchmarking process has been really valuable, it enabled us to consider how well we are doing and where we need to focus next. It wasn’t just about seeing how well our score compared to others (although obviously this was very interesting) the recommendations within the report meant we could identify what we needed to do next. We have now started to build our lean road map with lean objectives linked directly to the Genzyme businesses goals.”

Lesley Coombes (Lean Transformation Manager) Genzyme Ltd.


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